Tostig Conterat

The former King of Vesperia.



Race: Human
Age: 48
Sex: M
Height: 6’
Weight: 226 lbs.
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Skin Color: Tan


Tostig was a very paranoid man, ever suspicious of those who enter his castle. He rarely spoke to others personally (aside from his wife and his steward). His level of paranoia was so great that he had imprisoned men simply for speaking out against him. Although he tried to remain as good as he can be, it was difficult to do so since he constantly watched others to search for signs of deceit.



Early Life

Tostig Conterat was the son of King Edward Conterat and Queen Cecelia Conterat. Born in Palace Titangate in the city of Heliod, he was the first child of the two regents. At the time of his birth, Vesperia was at peace, having ended a war five years ago against the kingdom of Benorthan. Trade with new found ally Caetha was at an all-time high and trade with Ilunatin and Haroden (the kingdom which would become Toland) had reopened following the destruction of Benorthan’s blockades. His parents were both already at an advanced age; his mother was actually one of King Edward’s younger mistresses. It would be less than two decades later that Tostig would take the throne.

King of Vesperia

Tostig’s rule went well for the first few years. The nobles were a pain to deal with, but he managed to put up with them. It was when Duke William Helmsley challenged the purchases of Cithara that his troubles would explode. The exchange between the two and ruling afterwards drove William to drum up a rebellion. Tostig would discover traitors in his court and initiated a purge. His paranoia continued to grow until the rebellion ended with Duke William’s death.

Despite the death of William Helmsley, Tostig became irreparably paranoid. He refused to directly speak to those who wished to visit him. He sent his children to different regions so they could not try to murder him while he slept. He had zero mistresses and only kept his wife, Queen Judith, for company.

On April 19, 874 C.E., the heirs to the throne were all found dead. They had all been murdered in some way, though the assassins were never captured.


On September 13, 874 C.E., King Tostig initiated a counter-attack against the invaders who had laid siege to Heliod. Outside the safety of the palace, the newly boosted defending force fought incredibly well against the invaders. However, within the palace walls, a legion of monsters had infiltrated the area. Before Tostig could register what he was seeing, a vampire cut his head off and killed him.


Tostig was closest with his wife and his steward. Anybody else was treated as a stranger, no matter how many times they’d visited him. Many of the nobles feared him, particularly due to his actions such as purging his court during the Revolt of the Snakes, and his penchant for imprisoning those who spoke negatively of him in public.

Tostig Conterat

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