Orryn Ningel

An eccentric wizard and member of the New Light.


Race: Gnome
Age: 287
Sex: M
Height: 3’2"
Weight: 34 lbs.
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Skin Color: Slate


Early Life

Orryn Ningel was born in the mountainous kingdom of Gorgana, a land populated mostly by dwarves. In the region of the kingdom he grew up in, magic was restricted and looked down upon (except in the case of priests). Despite this, Orryn continued his study of magic. When he left home, he soon discovered that magic wasn’t always seen as something as important as raw power. He believed the two to be very important in their own rights. When he got into a debate about it with some mercenaries in a tavern, he was beaten and thrown out. He suffered a major head injury, which some believe led to his later personality.

Master Wizard

The day Orryn went back to studying, he locked himself in his room without leaving for several weeks. On the first day he left, he found the mercenaries who beat him and annihilated the group. He evaded capture from the authorities. Before fleeing the country where he was residing at the time (Salos) he burned down the shack he was living in. He wandered the world for a while, proving to many that his magic was just as powerful, if not more so, than physical strength. He now owns an operates a shop in the small village of Borden, Labas, Vesperia. He joined Saul Richter when Saul promised Orryn that the new world would see magic and physical strength as equal.

Clash Against Himaestro

On December 12, 874 C.E., Orryn Ningel and arch-nemesis Duke Himaestro met to do battle. In a rather close battle, Orryn managed to defeat both Himaestro and Kriven the Dragonborn. The latter was sent to the Astral Plane. The former was burned to death via an Immolation spell.


After the party used a card from the Deck of Many Things to alter the space-time continuum, they had a rematch with Orryn, though with more equipment and people at their side. Orryn was quickly defeated and was paralyzed in the ensuing blast. He would be killed by Himaestro, thrown off a one hundred foot high tower and landing on a tightly pulled chain holding up a drawbridge.

Servant of Mephistopheles

For his crimes against nature and live experimentation, Orryn Ningel wound up in the eighth layer of Hell, ruled by Mephistopheles. Rather than waste such a useful soul, Mephistopheles made Orryn Ningel a servant of his. Orryn is currently constructing a golem known as “Mayor McCheese”. Ironically, it was commissioned by Mephistopheles for his new servant and Orryn’s new (begrudging) ally, Himaestro.

Orryn Ningel

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