The last remaining Archangel in the entirety of the cosmos. He is believed to be powerful enough to fight deities.


Age: 50,000+
Sex: M
Height: 6’8"
Weight: 272 lbs.
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Gold
Skin Color: Fair

Archangel has two different forms. To his followers, he appears in his true form as the beautiful angel he once was. To those who do not worship him, he appears as an almost-demonic being. His followers call this his form of the “Scorned Angel”.

Scorned Angel Form:

Age: 50.000+
Sex: M
Height: 5’10"
Weight: 203 lbs.
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color Gold (Right), Ruby (Left)
Skin Color: Crimson (Right Half), Black (Left Half)



Archangel is known been known by many names by his followers: Jormungandr, Janus, Fenrir, Alastor, Moloch, Ahriman, and Amon. Whatever name he was called by the deities which created him has been lost to history. What is known of him is little. Most historical records come from scholars who listened to the speeches of his followers. From what historical records say of him, Archangel (often called The Archangel) was one of several dozen angels created by the deities when the world was still forming. They were created to fight demons who came from the Abyss. One thing which separated them from other angels was that they gained power every time they killed a demon; the amount of power they gained depended on what they killed. For example, power gained from slaying a balor would be a thousand fold from what would be gained from killing a mane. They were called Archangels.


As time passed, Archangel and his brothers became to grow extremely powerful. At their peak, they could defeat a balor in only a single attack. The deities who created them feared a possible usurping, as the Archangels had been designed to act as they saw fit, not with a strict mindset to always act in the name of all that is considered morally good. After a long time of debate, it was decided that the Archangels would be banished to their own plane. However, The Archangel learned of this plan before it could be put into effect. Feeling betrayed, he decided that the beings which created him had become weak, fearful, and unfit to oversee the universe. In retaliation, he killed every single one of his brothers, his power growing accordingly. The deities, however, were able to banish him to an inter-dimensional plane.


Despite being banished to what was little more than a demi-plane, Archangel’s strength had become so great that he could reach other planes in the cosmos. Using an unimaginable amount of power, he could plant his teachings and ideals into the mind of a mortal, though he does not force them to follow them. Because of the amount of energy it takes, he can only does this once a millenia. Every cult created in his name has never achieved a great deal of success. On the plane in which he is trapped, he has turned his environment into one resembling the First Circle of Hell. In his mind, the ones he once served had essentially banished him to Hell. His cult seeks to free him and recreate the Material Plane, possibly even the entire cosmos.

In early March 878 C.E., the Archangel offered some of his power to Saul Richter to help him do battle, though Saul was still defeated. Because of the amount of power he used, the Archangel isn’t strong enough to send another message out for another 60,000 years, keeping the world safe for the foreseeable future.


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