Timeline of Eras

Throughout history, the world has gone through several eras of time. These eras begin and end with major world changing events. These are all the named eras which scholars use and reference:

? – 40,000: The Forgotten Era begins with the creation of the cosmos and ends with the first known bit of recorded history.

40,000 – 38,827: The Savage Era begins at the first instance of recorded history, when all races lived in small villages. These barbaric tribes would attack one another for land and resources. The era would end with the founding of the city-state of Bharda.

38,827 – 32.190: The Era of Advancement begins with the founding of Bharda. Other city-states begin to form and ally with one another. These city-states unite to become the world’s first kingdoms. Technology advances, introducing iron weapons and mortal-made magic items. The era would end with the rise of the Dragon Lords.

32,190 – 29,964: The Era of Tyrants begins with the world being ruled over by chromatic dragons. With few to no mortals able to challenge even a young dragon, their conquest was rather swift. Despite interference from metallic dragons, the Dragon Lords manage to steadily hold onto the kingdoms they have conquered. The era ends with the death of Phaedra, the most powerful of all dragons, after he is slain by a band of mortal wanderers.

29,964 – 29,212: The Era of the Dark Lords quickly begins after the death of Phaedra. While most mortals were concerned with their draconic overlords, small circles of warlocks were biding their time as they prepared to unleash the dark masters which they served. Only the warlocks who served archdevils such as Asmodeus took no part in creating this era. Only days after the death of Phaedra, the first of the Dark Lords, an evil entity from the Far Realm, is unleashed unto the world. The Dark Lords begin their struggle for power, corrupting mortals to do their bidding. The era ends with one dark master finally assuming complete control: Cthulhu.

29,212 – 26,533: The sparsely recorded Era of Cthulhu begins after the mortal cult which serves him releases him from the Far Realm. Few are able to withstand his mind-bending abilities and unimaginable power. He fights all who oppose him, good and evil, chaotic and orderly. Very little is known about this era, as very few records from this time exist. The era finally ends when Cthulhu is sent back to the Far Realm by a group of solar angels.

26,533 – 24,910: The Era of Heroes begins with the banishment of Cthulhu. Men and women of all races rise up to ensure that never again will the world be threatened by such an evil force. Warriors build their strength, mages enhance their magic, and rogues tune their skills. Most are able to wield a weapon or cast magic at a very young age. These heroes go out and battle against monsters and those who do evil against others. This era ends with the creation of the Manslayers.

24,910- 24,211: The bloody, violent Era of the Manslayers begins with the founding of the eponymous clan. Created under the guise of a warrior guild, these men and women were skilled in battling any sort of opponent, be it a knight, wizard, or assassin, with only a sword in hand and the clothes on their backs. Renowned for their unearthly speed, endurance, and power, they serve the Tiarna family, a very rich and influential family consisting of merchants, guild leaders, nobles, scholars, and military officials. They control entire kingdoms from behind the scenes, pulling strings so that everything works in their favor. The Manslayers are sent out to destroy their enemies, even taking on entire armies of enemy kingdoms. The era ends when the most powerful of all known Manslayers defects from the clan. With the help of several friends, he eliminates every living Manslayer and brings down the Tiarna family.

24,211 – 23,348: The Era of Magic begins with the end of the Tiarna family. All but a few kingdoms of the world outlaw the carrying of weapons, from swords to simple clubs, to make sure that no others can wield the power of the Manslayers. Warrior guilds and mercenary bands are also forbidden to carry weapons, effectively dissolving them. Since outlaws still carry weapons to attack people on the road, many turn to magic to protect themselves. Once a power used by a minority of the world, magic becomes extremely commonplace in the world. It is viewed as more useful their physical strength and a greater talent than any act of agility. Even when weapons are allowed to be carried once again, magic is still dominant. The era ends when a portal to the Abyss is created and demons begin to ravage the world.

23,348 – 20,731: The Era of Damnation begins when demons begin pouring out of a portal leading to the Abyss. Serving the demon prince Demogorgon, they slaughter all in their path as they prepare the world for the arrival of their master. However, with the deaths of so many mortals, Orcus sends his own minions to the world. His legions grow with the undead created for those slain by Demogorgon’s forces. Not wanting to fall behind in terms of power, other demon princes send their underlings to do battle against the armies of Demogorgon and Orcus. With the Abyss creating new demons every second, their numbers are infinite. The era finally ends when each and every portal to the Abyss is closed by a small band of heroes.

20,731 – 20,061: The Era of Cleansing ends with the final portal to the Abyss being closed. Although a small number of demons still infiltrate the world, their numbers no longer grow exponentially. The inhabitants of the Material Plane begin to fight back against the creatures which terrorized them for centuries. The era ends when the last balor on the Material Plane is slain.

20,061 – 19,649: The somewhat brief Era of Peace begins with the death of the last balor on the Material Plane. With the demons of the Abyss now gone from the world, people begin to rebuild their lives. Kingdoms ally with one another to restore their power. No wars or battles of any sort break out during this era. Crime is at its lowest point in history. The era would end with the invasion of Partach.

19,649 – 18,200: The Era of Domination begins with the invasion of the Kingdom of Partach. The invading nation, known as Anmhor, had been building its army for twenty years. After invading Anmhor, its new citizens express extreme rejection for their new leaders. In exchange, the King of Anmhor begins to rule with an iron fist, crushing all opposition. The people of other kingdoms begin to grow worried; now that one kingdom has broken the time of peace, another kingdom could soon follow. Armies are grown and wars begin to break out. The kingdoms of the world follow Anmhor’s example, crushing all resistance and silencing those who criticize them. After all the wars and battles end, the people are strictly ruled by their governments. Many quickly realize how restricted their freedom has become. However, they are no match for the power of their leaders. Rebellions are quickly put down. The era would end when one of these rebellions ended up being a success and a catalyst for future revolutions.

18,200 – 17,419: The Era of Revolution begins with the fall of the Kingdom of Ardtus, brought down by a rebellious bunch of visionaries. The people of other kingdoms soon follow, fighting against those who they believe oppress them. However, these governments are not reestablished. The era ends with the end of the final sovereign nation in the world.

17,419 – 16,896: With no more established governments in power, the Era of Anarchy begins. The lines on maps which once designated national borders were replaced with regional borders separating marshes, forests, tundras, deserts, and more. Much like during the Savage Era and Era of Advancement, the largest areas of civilization are city-states. Only the dwarves kept their kingdoms running. The era ends brutally with the rise of the orcs and their conquest of the world.

16,896 – 16,529: The Era of Gruumsh begins with the orc domination of the Material Plane. In one of the only acts of unity among the orcs, they successfully manage to take control of the Material Plane, conquering the small city-states which dot the landscape. They make slaves out of the other races, using them for work and amusement. The era is the shortest in recorded history; it ends with the fall of the Nation of Gruumsh.

16,529 – 14,881: The Era of Storms begins shortly after the Era of Gruumsh. Never ending storms plague the world, making traveling by ship a near-impossibility. Valleys are turned into lakes and entire cities are flooded. Many believe this to be the work of the Leviathan or a cult trying to summon it. After over a millenia of rainfall, the storms finally cease, ending the Era of Storms.

14,881 – 14,273: The Era of the Great Sea began with the end of the storms over the world ended. Most of the world is underwater due to the storms of the previous era. Fishing villages became commonplace and very few large cities existed. Several people attempt to find a way to make the world how it used to be. Eventually, a band of adventurers manage to lower the water levels back to how they used to be. The end of the era comes when the Great Sea is returned to a normal level.

14,273 – 11,988: The Era of Acumen begins once the waters return to normal depth. With kingdoms returning to grand sizes, people begin to learn different skills to help restore empires to their former glory. Although armies are still needed for defense and invasions, intelligence becomes just as important was strength. Vast libraries are created, tomes containing thousands of pages of script are written, and debate becomes a common activity. The era comes to an end with the razing of the great city of Catharmor by the tribe of the Temhajin.

11,988 – 11,148: The Era of the Nomads begins with the rise of the Temhajin empire and their razing of the city of Catharmor, which was seen as the greatest city in the world at the time. The Temhajin Empire takes over the entirety of the west continent after a half-century of warfare. After twenty years of peace, the Empire moves east and took over most of that land. The Temhajin manages to take over most of the continent, but not all. The era ends with the death of the emperor and the end of his bloodline is brought out upon by an assassin. This leads to revolts around the world and the end of the Temhajin empire.

11,148 – 9,814: The Holy Era begins shortly after the fall of the Temhajin empire. Cults of evil deities and beings begin to gain more prominence. In response, the clergies of good and neutral deities start getting more involved into politics. An assassin from the Cult of Zehir is caught attempting to assassinate the King of Riofa, a leader in the Church of Kord. This leads to an unseen war between various cults and clergies. Evil cults will create problems which the clergies resolve. The era ends with a major battle between the cults of Asmodeus, Zehir, Torog, and Lolth against the clergies of Pelor, Kord, Wee Jas, and Bahamut. Because of this era, the clergies’ power is strengthened.

9,814 – 8,490: The Era of the Warrior begins with the end of the Holy Era. After the final battle, it is discovered that most of the cultists were those who could wield arcane magic. This causes many to reject magic of many forms, aside from the divine magic wielded by clerics and paladins. Arcane magic is looked down upon, reviled at points and even outlawed. Martial prowess becomes the dominant standard of one’s worth. The era eventually ends when people realize that they need magic to protect them from things that physical power cannot overcome.

8,490 – 7,012: The Era of Gaia’s Vengeance: would begin after the end of the Era of the Warrior. It is unknown what is the cause, but flora begins to grow at a rapid rate. Bark becomes as hard as steel and vines erupt out of stone. The people of the world are forced to adapt to having to live outside of the safety of city walls, as they are destroyed by the constantly growing vegetation. A small group of adventurers eventually discover what caused the rapid growth. They restore the world to its normal state, ending the Era of Gaia’s Vengeance.

7,012 – 5,193: The Era of Glory begins with nature’s balance being restored. Because of the excessive amount of resources gathered in the previous era, rebuilding is an easy task. Small villages become large towns. Castles grow in size and walls tower over settlements. Every kingdom in the world prospers. Savage goblins and orcs are effortlessly dealt with. The era ends when the sun fades away.

5,193 – 4,506: The Era of Darkness begins when the sun begins to fade. Many begin to panic, fearing fruitless crops and the creatures which dwell in the eternal night. During this era, monster hunters receive a great deal of business. The era ends after a band of warriors manage to discover what caused the sun to disappear and reverse its effect.

4,506 – 2,469: The Era of Enmity begins with the return of the sun. Tensions between kingdoms begin to mount. Nations around the world begin to invest in warfare. Alliances are forged, treaties broken, and plans for warfare created. However, no actual warfare breaks out for nearly two millenia. The peace is broken when Doenfixius, the mighty Dragonborn nation, begins its quest for worldwide domination. The era ends with Doenfixius finally conquering all of the inhabited world.

2,469 – 1,190: The Era of the Dragonborn starts with the empire of Doenfixius’ successful conquest of the world. The empire’s rule is seen as brutal. Slavery is common, standards are unreasonable, and enlisting in the army for ten years is mandatory. Rebellions are swiftly crushed. However, the era finally ends with a small band of freedom fighters liberating several kingdoms and defeating the emperor in battle.

1,190 – 624: With the fall of Doenfixius, the world enters the Era of Isolation which begins with the Empire of Doenfixius continuously losing land. After the wars against the empire finally end, kingdoms begin to isolate themselves from the rest of the world. Many of these lands are building their armies to prevent being taken over again. The era ends when the kingdom of Megadon begins an invasion.

624 – 0: The Era of Strife begins with Megadon launching an invasion. Several other kingdoms retaliate, causing allies of Megadon to get involved. Enemies of those allies become caught in the war and enemies of those allies would take part. Constant warfare ensues and rages on for more than six hundred years. After more than half of a millenia of never ending fighting, ground is lost and gained. Borders are drawn and redrawn, only to be restored after only a few years. The era finally ends with a peace treaty being signed.

0 – 873 C.E.: The current era is known as the Common Era due to zero incidents which have changed the world. When and how this era will end is unknown.

Timeline of Eras

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