The Shadows of the Crown

Headquarters: Unknown (believed to be in Vesperia)

Leader: Schwann Oltorain

The Shadows of the Crown is a guild of highly talented assassins who can only be hired by the noble class of Vesperia, from low-ranking lords to the king himself. Although they are considered outlaws, they are still hired by the more unscrupulous nobles who rule the regions of Vesperia. Those who hire any one of the Shadows is stripped of their noble title and executed. It is punishable by ten years in prison to simply be associated with the guild. The Shadows is almost as old as Vesperia itself. Their leader, Schwann Oltorain, keeps his identity secret; some believe his name is different and that he actually lives in Heliod, the capital of Vesperia. The only way to contact a member of the Shadows is by offering an emerald to one of its members; finding one of the Shadows is extremely difficult and only the most informed in the criminal underworld can name even a single member. The cost for hiring an assassin is extremely high: 15,000 GP for one assassin to complete a job with 7,500 GP per additional assassin. However, their success rate is very high; only a few assassination attempts have been prevented, a total of six in the history of the kingdom. It is believed that the guild is responsible for at least six thousand deaths.

Members of the Shadow of the Crown are permitted to carry out their mission in any manner they deem acceptable, so long as they do not lead authorities back to the guild’s base. While many favor silent assassinations, some have murdered their victims in broad daylight. In at least two cases, a member of the guild has set an entire building aflame to kill their target, resulting in the deaths of innocent people.

As of January 5, 875 C.E., the Shadows of the Crown have ceased to exist. Schwann Oltorain quietly dismantled the establishment while boosting the Flock’s power.

The Shadows of the Crown

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