The Great Collapse of the Brass Quarter

The Great Collapse of the Brass Quarter was a disaster that occurred in the Kingdom of Undaston, particularly in the eponymous Brass Quarter of the city of Guldgridge. The disaster claimed thousands of lives when an earthquake caused the roof the underground city to break and the lake to flood the Brass Quarter.


In 844 C.E. in the early morning hours of the day, a massive earthquake hit the kingdom of Undaston, a dwarven kingdom with an extremely large network of cities and highways underground. The capital city of Undaston is Guldgridge, located beneath Iron Bed Lake, is comprised of four quarters: the Brass Quarter (residential), Iron Quarter (industrial), Gold Quarter (commercial), and Stone Quarter (transportation between highways). The earthquake caused the top of the underground roof to collapse, releasing a giant torrent of water that crushed several homes immediately. The streets quickly filled with water, drowning some and carrying others away; a few people were killed when their heads hit the sides of walls, stalls, etc.

The response to fix the gaping hole in the ceiling was quick, though little could be done for some time. Because the break was so high up, the dwarves needed a wizard to seal it. However, since there were few wizards in the entire kingdom, it took several hours for a mage with enough talent and skill to arrive. By the time one had arrived, more than 40,000 had been killed. After the hole had been fixed, an additional 20,000 were found dead. The total death toll was 10% of the entire city’s population.

The Great Collapse of the Brass Quarter

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