The Golden Leaf Merchants' Guild

Headquarters: Heliod, Vesperia

Leader: Donella Turen

The Golden Leaf Merchants’ Guild is an organization located in Vesperia which helps keep shops and stores up and running. The majority, though not all, of Vesperia’s store owners have a contract with the guild, lasting from anywhere between 25 and 200 years depending on race. Shops under contract with the Merchants’ Guild are given protection for their shipments, prices for their supplies will never rise if they do so during the merchant’s contract’s duration, and are given financial help if their business is failing. However, businesses may only purchase supplies from the guild, can only sell pre-approved items, and must surrender their shop if they violate any contractual terms.

The Golden Leaf maintains a small private army of about six hundred men and women. They are mainly used to protect shipments.

The Golden Leaf Merchants' Guild

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