The Flock

Headquarters: Heliod, Vesperia

Leader: Schwann Oltorain (a.k.a. Raven)

The Flock is a thieves’ guild which operates in the city of Heliod. The name of the guild comes from how the newsletter called “The Ranger’s Post” described one of their first major heists:

“The band of ruffians swooped into the warehouse and, like a flock of buzzards, took what they could before they could be apprehended by the city watch.”

Their leader is simply known as Raven and is believed to be male. His real identity is unknown; some believe the moniker to actually be a title given to the guild’s leaders. Members of the Flock are not allowed to commit murder, even when not on the job. The only time they are allowed to kill is if they are fighting against a member of the Wolf Pack, a rival gang of thieves known for killing first and stealing later. It is unknown how many people make up the guild, though it is believed to be less than twenty. The guild mostly operates in Heliod and the regions surrounding it, though they have been known to have ventured as far as the region of Mahon for large heists.

In truth, Raven’s real name is Schwann Oltorain, and he suffered from a multiple personality disorder that split his duties between the Flock and the Shadows of the Crown (which Schwann led). As of January 5, 875 C.E., Schwann Oltorain leads the Flock alone (using the Raven moniker when speaking with members).

The Flock

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