A Brief Description

The World In Which You Live

The world around you is part of the Material Plane. This plane, also referred to as the Mortal Plane, is a part of the multi-plane cosmos. The world is known as Gaia. Gaia is one of seven other worlds in the Material Plane, the other six being Mundus, Mir, Erde, Verden, Terrarum, and Sanctum. It has existed for many a millenia, possibly more than a million years. Nevertheless, as empires come and go, hundreds of libraries’ worth of information has been lost to the passage of time. The furthest history goes back is slightly over forty thousand years. Impressive, but only a tiny fraction of how long the world has been in existence.

Vast kingdoms and empires make up this world, the largest being Megadon. The eldest nation is the once world-spanning Dragonborn empire known as Doenfixius. With the rise and fall of empires, so do the eras for which time is recorded. These periods of time are dictated by world-shaking events that occur centuries apart. The shortest era, the Era of Gruumsh (G.E.) lasted for three hundred and sixty-seven years. The longest era, the Forgotten Era, ends at the first instance of recorded history and began when the world itself was formed by the Celestial Gods. The current era is known as the Common Era (C.E.) which came about following the Era of Strife (S.E.) which was named so due to the never-ending warfare which lasted for over six hundred years.

When one looks up into the skies above, they are looking up at one of three planes: The Ethereal Plane (morning), the Feywild (Dawn, Dusk, and Twilight), or the Shadowfell (Night). All of these planes, plus the Astral Plane, Inner Planes, Outer Planes, the Positive Plane, and Negative Plane, make up the cosmos. Fantastical creatures and deities of old roam these other worlds. These other planes can be accessed via spells or interacting with rare overlaps on the Material Plane.

Though a map of the world will often be littered with lines and dots dictating borders and settlements, much of the world is wild and untamed. Outside the castle walls and beyond the travelers’ roads lie dangers few would seek out willingly. In the darkest corners of an abandoned manor, a necromancer may be raising an undead horde. In the cold, barren mountains, a band of orcs may be preparing a raid on a village below. In the heart of the forest, a great predator may be stalking a lost elven child. In hidden temples revealed with a crest, a cult may be summoning a demon to aid their cause.

For the purposes of deities, this campaign uses the Greyhawk pantheon. However, other deities from other pantheons exist in the multiverse.

The world is not perfect. Even the deities who formed it long ago would call it far from perfect. Not a day goes by without suffering. Beings from other planes may even cause harm. But the world has always seen strife. In its early stages, the Gods fought against demons who tried to corrupt their newest creation. Many angels who served them became devils under the command of Asmodeus and began to tempt souls to an eternity in Hell. Even now, some believe that there is a threat that would make the deities who watch over the world shake with fear. Perhaps their worries have merit. Perhaps they are the ramblings of a paranoid bunch. In any case, it will be up for you to discover what the world is truly like. The date you will begin in is April 6, 874 C.E.

A Brief Description

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