Shepherd of Fire

Greetings, Noggers! Happy days are here again!
Just eat 1,000 pies.

The first session began with Aelar (human rogue), Himaestro (elven wizard), Carth (human fighter), Oskar (dwarven cleric), and Kriven (dragonborn paladin) walking to the town of Zaphias to attend a festival. On the way there, they encountered a group of goblins kicking around a human head. The goblins noticed the group of adventurers and drew there weapons, intent on getting more heads for their game of soccer. Four of the five goblins were killed in the ensuing fight. One lived, having been “blinded by the light” of Pelor. He was persuaded into revealing where his friends got the head. He pointed the group to a road where wagons passed by. He informed them that there were six more goblins waiting.

They reached the road and took out the six goblins, with Aelar proving that he was the MVP of the party. The goblins had already destroyed another cart and killed most of its riders. However, there were two survivors: a small eight year old child and his one meter long pet rabbit. The group escorted the child to the village of Borden. While there, they decided to clean up a few messes around the village. They decided to take out three wanted criminals… and find a lost cat named Fluffy. The three criminals were Nicky “The Nickname” Nicholson, Iados Parson, and Barry Cade.

The results were disastrous at best, as the party decided to split, not into two, but into three groups. Himaestro went alone, Oskar went with Aelar, and Kriven went with Carth. Himaestro decided to look for Iados at the alchemist shop where he worked. He was informed by the shop owner (a gnomish wizard named Orryn Ningel) that visitors weren’t allowed during working hours. When Himaestro tried to push the subject, he was absolutely destroyed by Orryn and chained to the wall.

Oskar and Aelar went to the tavern to find Nick. They found him playing dice at a table, constantly winning. After losing quite a bit of gold, they straight up tried to start a fight with him. They were outnumbered 2-4 but were sure they could take on Nick and his cronies. They were wrong. They killed two henchmen before they had their heads kicked in.

Carth and Kriven actually had success. They went after Barry Cade and found his house was in shambles. Knocking on the door caused part of it to disintegrate. They found several traps in his house but managed to get him before he escaped. He was brought to an officer of the peace and they were rewarded. Seeing how they were already done while the others weren’t back, they decided to look for Aelar and Oskar.

Nick and his remaining henchmen were about to take Aelar and Oskar somewhere when they were caught. Nicky and his crony lost the ensuing fight and were brought to the same officer. A while later, Aelar and Oskar awoke. They went to look for Himaestro and found him tied to the wall of the alchemist’s shop. He informed the group that he would let Himaestro go when he awoke. Two hours later, he did so.

The group then went to look for Fluffy, who they discovered really was a noble who had been polymorphed into a cat. They also met some lying squirrels. No, not flying squirrels. Lying squirrels. After some back and forth with Orryn, Fluffy agreed to return. They then confronted Iados. The tiefling threatened them with Alchemist’s Fire, though he was stopped before anything bad could happen. He was brought to the guard.

The next day, the group came across a band of goblins intent on destroying the village. Among this group was the goblin they let live the other day; he was flipping them off as they passed. The party attacked, killing five or six of the eleven goblins before they could act. They went on to become victorious and found an opal on one of the monsters. They continued on their way to Zaphias, killing a pair of imps on one night and finding a cursed ring on them.

At Zaphias, they found that the festival was in danger of not occurring due to the town’s low spirits. They asked what was wrong and discovered that the vidame wasn’t doing anything to help solve the town’s problems. The group went to go speak with him/her, only to be met by his/her bodyguard, Tarhun Norixius. He led them to the vidame, where they discovered he/she was female and the DM could finally stop using both pronouns.

She told the group that she has never left the castle before, with her only experience of the outside world being the courtyard of the castle. Tarhun said that all business goes through him. He agreed to allow the party to help with some of the town’s problems, though Oskar and Carth got themselves banished from the castle in the process.

The group’s first task was to find out which tavern was harboring the city’s thieves guild. There were four taverns: a shoddy one, an upscale one, another which looked the first one’s drug addicted younger brother that drove their mother to suicide, and an average looking bar. They narrowed it down to the second bar.

After Tarhun had the thieves captured (and killed) he gave the party the permission to help the town with the problems it has been having. This includes a heightened crime rate, shortage of food, and buildings being run down and unsafe. Unfortunately for the party, they only have two days until the day of the festival.


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