Tarhun Norixius

Estelle's former bodyguard.



Race: Dragonborn
Age: 55
Sex: M
Height: 6’6"
Weight: 288 lbs.
Hair Color: N/A
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Color: White


Tarhun is a gruff veteran of war. He takes most of the credit for solving crimes in Zaphias even when he mostly does little more than order guards to take on certain unsolved mysteries. He treats Estellise with a great deal of respect even though he had been ordered to ensure that she never left Castle Pearlwall. He does everything in his power to make sure that Zaphias is well maintained. The only time he did anything against it was when he allowed his brother, Patrin, to garrison soldiers there for a while so they could advance on Heliod.



Early Life

Tarhun Norixius was born in the Dragonborn empire of Doenfixius. Both of his parents served the Order of the Steel Gale, a band of warriors which resembles the Order of the Silver Hammer. Trained to be a paladin at a young age, he showed a great deal of promise. However, Tarhun ended up badly injuring his left leg while out training in the marshes nearby the temple. By the time he returned and received help via divine magic, the damage had already been done. Because being a member of the Order meant a great deal of travel and a great deal of marching, Tarhun ended up leaving to pursue a different path in life. At the age of twenty, he sailed to Vesperia and found work as a guard in the town of Zaphias.

Captain of the Zaphias Guard

Due to his superior training and ability to cast magic, Tarhun quickly outshone most of his comrades. After only a few months of acting as a guard, he was promoted to the rank of captain, one of the three in Zaphias. When the Revolt of the Snakes broke out in 861 C.E., Tarhun and the men under his leadership were sent as troops in support of King Tostig. After the end of the civil war, he returned as a hero. Richard Sidos and Vera Sidos, who owned the region of Labas, had been granted a large amount of land for their help. They decided to leave their young daughter as the head of Labas with Tarhun acting as her bodyguard and adviser. The two nobles left for the region of Cithara while Tarhun was made the head of the town’s guard.

Bodyguard to Estellise

Tarhun began to train Estelle to be a cleric, believing it would be good for her to have some combat experience and a sense of faith and virtue. Despite Estelle having reached a mature age, Tarhun continued to largely preside over Zaphias and the region of Labas. He did not allow her to leave the castle walls, per the instruction of her parents. He is a strict man with a strong penchant for order and swift, hard justice.


After Heliod was laid to siege, Tarhun kept Estellise from sending soldiers for support. His ruse was discovered when it was learned that Labas had more than enough soldiers to spare. He was defeated in a fight by Himaestro, Carth Greyson, Oskar Battlehammer, Kiri, Kriven, and Aelar. Estellise had him imprisoned for life following a vote from the men who defeated him. This was a mercy for Tarhun; treason is often punished by death.


Although he had been ordered to ensure she never left the castle, Tarhun treated Estellise as if she was his own daughter. The only people he respected more were her parents and his brother, Patrin. He treats his guards with due respect and gives appropriate rewards and punishments to them. His bond with his younger brother is so strong that he made no effort to stop him when Patrin told him of his plans to advance onto Heliod and lay it under siege; rather, he assisted his brother by refusing to send soldiers.

Tarhun Norixius

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