Rita Judith Mordio

A talented yet abrasive sorcerer from the Heliod Circle.



Age: 22
Sex: F
Height: 5’1"
Weight: 118 lbs.
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Green
Skin Color: Pale


Rita is a serious, no-nonsense sorcerer with a low tolerance for foolishness and an almost nonexistent sense of humor. Although abrasive, she isn’t malicious and means well. She also returns any favors done for her, usually in the form of sending a magic item she has laying around the house. If somebody tries to harm her or steal something from her, she’ll often respond with a fire-based spell at best and a transformation into a worm at worst. She isn’t afraid to go to break the law if she thinks the benefit is good enough, unless said law is against something like murder or treason.



Early Life

Born in the city of Heliod (the capital of Vesperia) Rita Judith Mordio grew up in the poorest section of the city. Her father was a leather tanner while her mother worked at the docks. Because neither of her parents have her hair or eye color, there is some question over to her real father is. Her father was known for his violence while her mother never cared much for her.

Mage Training

Rita was taken in by an elven wizard named Himo when he overheard her mother complaining about her at the docks. He introduced her to the Heliod Circle of Mages when she was six. He would be her teacher for the next ten years, helping her tame her innate power. He was very strict and somewhat harsh, but she decided her life with him was better than with her parents. Himo would be assassinated when she was sixteen, though she would carry on her training. She began to focus on creating magic items, having discovered the secret on how to make them during her research.


Heliod Mage

Rita is seen as one of the most ambitious mages in Vesperia. However, she is often avoided because she is rather hard to work with. She is often not at home, spending most of her time scouring the land for magic items. Her younger brother, Karol, helps her and the other mages. Her favorite flowers are nightshade.

Rita began to travel with the main party to search for the spell tome her mentor had been searching for. She found it in late September and plans to study through it.


Unknowingly to Rita, the book her mentor had been searching for was the Book of Vile Darkness. Once she used a spell from the book to rid Estellise of the curse which condemned her soul, it unlocked its true power and corrupted Rita. She traveled to the Shadowfell and began kidnapping people to raise an undead army. The party fought their way to her and managed to convince her to destroy the Book after nearly half an hour of back-and-forth points and counterpoints.

Fighting Against the Cult of Cthulhu and New Light

On January 10, 875 C.E., Rita was captured by the Cult of Cthulhu after they stormed the palace in Heliod. The cult used a beholder to cast an antimagic cone on her continuously, nullifying all of her magic. Percival beat the beholder to death with its own eyestalks and freed her from prison. She, Karol, Schwann, Percival, and Estellise managed to keep Vesperia running while also fighting the New Light and Cult of Cthulhu. Rita eventually found Kriven, who had been shipwrecked in late-January 875 C.E., and convinced him to come back to Heliod, as Vesperia needed the help. Once he, Aelar, and Carth were back, she went to fashioning new, better magic items for them, except for those who simply wanted reworks of their old gear.


Although the two trade snarky remarks back and forth between each other, Rita and her younger brother Karol are close. Both hold a grudge against their parents and don’t blame the other for leaving them at a young age; recently, she has patched things up with her mother. She doesn’t have many friends since she’s often too busy to make friendships. Despite this, she is friends with Estellise Greyson, who trains under her to learn how to enchant magic items. She is also friends with Himaestro, Kriven, Oskar Battle Hammer, Carth Greyson, and Kiri, largely because they helped clear her name when accused of murder.

Rita Judith Mordio

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