Queen Estellise Heurassein Sidos Greyson

The Queen of Vesperia. She is trained in using divine magic and has some combat proficiency.



Age: 23
Sex: F
Height: 5’6"
Weight: 121 lbs.
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Green
Skin Color: Fair


Estellise is a kind-hearted woman who does what she can to help those around her. She hates seeing other people suffering and will assist anyone who needs something done, such as giving money to the poor. If somebody injured, she’ll use magic to heal their wounds. Being gentle, she tries to avoid getting into combat herself; when training with Tarhun, she would rarely use much of her strength in fear of hurting him despite his orders to lay it in. She is grateful to those who help her and always gives back in some way. Much of her attitude is due to her upbringing with Tarhun, who taught her to be polite, giving, and respectful. Because her parents made sure there were no servants in Castle Pearlwall when they left for Cithara, she wasn’t as pampered like most other nobles. It would be hard pressed for her to hold a grudge; she even forgave her parents after their deaths when she learned of the deal they made with Dispater.

Following the three years between Carth’s capture by the Cult of Cthulhu and his eventual rescue, Estellise became more battle hardened, though retains a kind heart. That being said, she no longer has qualms with killing people and shows no timidity in battle.



Early Life

Estellise “Estelle” Heurassein Sidos is the daughter of Count Richard Sidos and Countess Constance Sidos. She was born in Pearlwall Castle. The castle is located near the town of Zaphias of in the region of Labas, one of the smallest regions of Vesperia. Following the end of the Revolt of the Snakes, the Sidos family was granted the regions of Melius, Aliquam, and Cithara for their loyalty. When the three regions were merged, Estellise’s parents moved to a large palace in the fortress of Cape Mio. She was left in charge of the castle at the age of 10. Knowing full well that she wouldn’t be able to manage the region for several years, her parents left a dragonborn paladin named Tarhun Norixius to advise her.


Cleric & Vidame of Labas

Tarhun trained Estellise as a cleric so she could defend herself if need be. At the same time, her parents were giving him instructions to ensure that Estelle never left the castle. Estellise didn’t question her bodyguard that much, believing that her parents were acting like this for the best. However, when she learned Heliod had been invaded and that Tarhun had purposely withheld information about their barracks from her, she began to have doubts. Wanting to confront her parents, she left with Carth Greyson, Aelar, Himaestro, Kiri, Oskar Battlehammer, and Kriven for the region of Cithara.

Countess of Cithara

Upon arriving in Cape Mio, she and the others were thrown into a dungeon by her parents. They managed to break out, only to find that some devils had killed her parents and their guards. The devils had come to inform her that her soul belonged to Dispater due to a deal her parents made with him before her birth. After returning to Heliod with the others, she was proclaimed the Countess of Cithara. Currently, she is residing in the city of Heliod.

Recently, the contract which Dispater holds that claims her soul as his property was altered. If she, Carth Greyson, Himaestro, Kiri, Kriven, Aelar, and Oskar Battlehammer could bring him one hundred million gold pieces, he would release her soul. They have two years’ time to gather the money, during which none of the devils or cultists who serve Dispater can try to kill her and send her to Hell early.

Queen of Vesperia

On Setpember 16, 874 C.E. Estellise was chosen out of a group of five other candidates to become the Queen of Vesperia. As a show of thanks for their help to her and the kingdom, she rewarded most of the party with noble ranks and land. The only one she didn’t give such a reward to was Carth, as she asked if he would marry him and become King; he readily accepted.

Freedom From Curse & Continued Struggle Against Dispater

In late-November, Rita Mordio used a powerful version of the “Wish” spell to rid Estellise of the curse which made her soul belong to Dispater. The spell knocked her out for a day and caused Rita to turn into an evil slave to Vecna. When she awoke, Carth told her that Dispater has decided to try and take her soul through a different way: capture her, torture her to a breaking point, and make her surrender her soul. Finally, Dispater challenged Carth to a War Games contest for the souls of he, Estelle, their children, and those who helped in the War Games. Carth and Kriven managed to win and Estellise was rid of DIspater forever.

In early December 874 C.E., Heliod was attacked by a small troupe of devils. However, Estellise managed to defeat most of them thanks to the help of the Bracelet of Divinity, an armlet which gave her extraordinary power. It is one of the ten artifacts needed by the New Light to unleash the Archangel. She also used it on Aelar when she sensed his intent to murder the king. Her banishment on Aelar later on did not occur due to the usage of the “Fates” card from the Deck of Many Things.

Her troubles still would not end there. On December 29, 874 C.E., Estellise was attacked by New Light lieutenant, assassin, and resident vampire Seras Sang Rael. Seras sneak attacked Estellise, cutting off her arm and feeding on her before fleeing. A spell to make all sound in Estellise’s room made the attack possible. Estelle woke up later in the day to find her vampirism in full swing. This illness would be cured by early January thanks to Carth and company.

Struggle Against Cult of Cthulhu and New Light

On January 10, 875 C.E., Estelle and Carth were captured by the Cult of Cthulhu and sent to the Far Realm. Carth sacrificed himself so that Estellise would be sent home safely. She would not see him again for three years. During this time, Vesperia began a shadow war (one not seen by the public eye, ideally) against the Cult of Cthulhu while fighting New Light cult sects around the world, managed to keep Vesperia together despite a dozen points where it could have fallen apart, and gave birth to twin children: a boy named Gabriel (a name chosen by Carth) and a girl named Vivian (named after a mage Estelle once read about as a child).


Estellise kept in touch with her parents as much as she could when they left for Cithara. She loved them both dearly and wanted to visit them but never had the chance. When she learned of the deal they made with Dispater that ended up costing Estelle her soul, she forgave them since they didn’t believe they would have a child and because they tried to find a way out of the contract. Despite Tarhun’s traitorous actions, she still considers him a friend and had a difficult time sentencing him to a lifetime in prison. She is friends with Rita Mordio, having met her to identify a magic ring she found. This meeting led to Estelle learning how to enchant magic items out of interest with Rita acting as her teacher; because she casts divine magic, she can create magic items that Rita cannot. SInce she spends a lot of time around Rita’s house, she is also friends with her younger brother, Karol. Because of her time spent in the palace in Heliod, she is friends with Percival Pringle, the steward to the King, and even managed to speak with King Tostig personally. In addition, she is friends with Himaestro, Kiri, Kriven, Aelar, Oskar Battlehammer, and Carth Greyson, the last of which trains her in melee combat. She came to fall for Carth and asked for his hand in marriage after she was chosen to become Queen.

Queen Estellise Heurassein Sidos Greyson

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