Karol Capel Mordio

An expert on monsters and weaponry.



Age: 16
Sex: M
Height: 5’3"
Weight: 116 lbs.
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Skin Color: Fair


Karol is an energetic kid who loves to prove his bravery and strength in battle. Though he is nice and mostly respectful, he will gladly trade insults with somebody who wronged him in some way. Because of the training he received from the Hunting Blades, he is loyal to anybody who accompanies him in combat and will stick with them even when the going gets tough.



Early Life

Karol Capel Mordio was born in the city of Heliod, the capital of Vesperia. By the time he was born, his elder sister, Rita, had already begun to hone her skills at the Heliod Circle of Mages. Karol was quickly fed up with his parents and ran away from home at the age of five. He was taken in by a guild of monster hunters. They decided that it would be worth training Karol from a young age.

Hunting Blades

Karol was made an official member of the Hunting Blades, a guild dedicated to protecting people from monsters. His training began early, where he showed exceptional strength. He also studied many of the monsters the guild fought against, gaining a great deal of knowledge that would be helpful in a fight. His membership with the guild also gained him access to exotic and masterwork weaponry.


Banishment and Helping Rita

At the age of 10, Karol and several other Hunting Blades were in a cave when the group got separated in a large fight. Karol managed to find his way out of the cave, only to find that two of the twelve (not including himself) had survived. The two believed that Karol ran away despite the fact that he told them he never fled. He was banished from the Hunting Blades and returned to Heliod. He helps his older sister by gathering the bones, skin, hair, etc. of monsters she needs for potions along with making sure nobody goes through her stuff when she’s not at home.

Readmission Into the Hunting Blades

With the help of Carth Greyson, Karol was able to rejoin the Hunting Blades, the mistake of his “desertion” cleared up. Due to the siege which currently Plagues Heliod, he still has a lot of time to help Rita since the Hunting Blades haven’t received many jobs.

Fighting the Cult of Cthulhu and New Light

Karol helps against the New Light and Cult of Cthulhu, often smashing through groups of those cults alongside his Hunting Blades companions. He rides a silver dragon named Syngya and wields a seven foot long maul which weighs more than two hundred pounds.


Despite the snarky remarks the two make against each other, Karol and his sister Rita are quite close. Both share the same disdain for their parents and understand why the other left home. Thanks to his readmission into the Hunting Blades, he has rekindled several friendships which ended when he last left the guild. He and Rita have a pet dog, Repede, who accompanies Karol when he goes out looking for monsters to kill. He is friends with Estellise Sidos since she comes around often for enchantment training. He is also friends, largely due to their association with Rita, with Kiri, Kriven, Oskar Battlehammer, Himaestro, Aelar, and Carth Greyson, the last of which he holds in high regard due to his combat prowess and assistance in rejoining the Hunting Blades.

Karol Capel Mordio

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