Joan Feurouge

A vengeful paladin and member of the New Light.


Race: Half-Elf
Age: 40
Sex: F
Height: 5’10"
Weight: 145 lbs.
Hair Color: Orange
Eye Color: Pale Blue
Skin Color: Fair


Early Life

Joan Feurouge was born in the elven nation of Aviene. Her father was a hunter from an elven tribe while her mother was a knight from the Order of the Silver Hammer. Her mother, named Maria, had been sent to Aviene to help rid the White Sun Temple of an evil being lurking in its depths. She planned on returning to Salos when her newborn daughter was aged five. Joan’s father decided to go with Maria. The two would leave Aviene in 844 C.E. By this time, Joan had learned how to properly swing a sword. In addition, she had begun to learn her prayers to the Gods above.

The Order of the Silver Hammer

At the age of just fifteen, Joan was made a member of The Order of the Silver Hammer, a group of warriors who fight against demons, devils, and other evil fiends. She and her mother served in the same unit. Six years later, she would be offered a position as captain but turned down the offer. Most of her quests took her to the areas around Salos, including the island of Talos and Ilunatin.

Attempted Murder and Joining Saul Richter

Joan was investigating a disturbance in a temple when several of her comrades betrayed the rest of the party. They had turned on Joan and the others because they wanted to quickly move up the Order’s ranks. Her mother was disemboweled and she was stabbed in the side. The traitors set the temple ablaze and would blame a demon they had encountered. When the traitors returned to the Order’s headquarters, they claimed that Joan and the others they murdered had become possessed by demons.

Joan managed to crawl away from the wreck before passing out. She would be rescued by Saul Richter, the leader of the New Light. With the help of Orryn Ningel, Joan was able to recover. Orryn had given Joan several powers while he was helping restore her body. She now has the ability to manipulate fire. She can transform part of her body into living flames. She now serves under Saul, ready to bring the New Light to the world.

Search for the Broken Crown of Io and Capture

On December 28, 874 C.E., Joan Feurouge reached Titan’s Guard in search of the Broken Crown of Io, one of the Ten Pillars the New Light were searching for. She was met by Carth, HImaestro, Kriven, Aelar, and Oskar, who learned of her past. She, along with four other New Light soldiers, eventually fought the group. Following a devastating attack from Kriven, she surrendered and was imprisoned in Heliod.

Joan Feurouge

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