Ishkod Ogana

A wanted guerrilla fighter and member of the New Light.


Race: Tiefling
Age: 51
Sex: M
Height: 6’2"
Weight: 210 lbs.
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Gold
Skin Color: Crimson


Early Life

Ishkod Ogana parents were both tieflings; one was a thief and the other was a warlock. He was born in the nation of Toland, which at the time had only recently taken complete control of the now-eponymous island. Remnants of the former kingdom still roamed around the land, attacking travelers, razing farms, and causing general mayhem. Ishkod wanted to help his home country deal with its issues, but he was held back due to his race. He decided to instead take a vigilante route. He purchased his first sword at the age of 16 and left home.

Guerrilla Fighter

Ishkod attacked rebel camps out in the hills, forests, and marshes in Toland. He rarely ever wiped out or directly attacked them, rather laying traps and taking out those who strayed from their bands. As time went on, he began to build up a party of his own. After five years of sneak attacks and small raids, he had created a group of twenty fighters. They maintained the original tactics created by Ishkod, creating a more devastating result due to their greater numbers.

Capture & Escape

Despite the good he was doing for Toland, Ishkod was still acting outside the law. He would be captured by soldiers who had him brought to the capital to be tried in court. He was found guilty of several crimes, a number of which he didn’t commit, and was sentenced to death. As he was standing upon the gallows, he was rescued by the men and women who helped him fight the rebels in Toland. His current whereabouts are unknown. It is believed he is still traveling with the now forty-person group he built up over the years.

New Light Duties

Ishkod scours the world for artifacts or clues leading to them. He discovered the Ring of Cosmic Bending and gave it to the Archangel sometime between January 11, 875 C.E. and February 10, 878 C.E. Having found one, he continues traversing the globe with his original forty-plus renegade group, which has joined the New Light alongside him.

Ishkod Ogana

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