An impatient elven wizard with a high temper and matching ego.


Age: 318
Sex: M
Height: 5’7"
Weight: 120 lbs.
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Skin Color: Tan


Himaestro is a world traveled wizard, though he spent little time practicing magic until recently. He is Carth’s teacher in the arcane arts.

Himaestro was killed by a cyclops in the Laedenheim mountains, though wood be reincarnated by an elven druid in the An-Duluth forest by the name of Lita. During the process, Himaestro became a wood elf rather than a high elf.

On September 17, 874 C.E., Himaestro became the Duke of Cithara, given the position by the new regent of Vesperia, Queen Estellise Greyson. He also received a pygmy elephant from Schwann Oltorain, which he later named Ali Babin Babar. His title would be stripped after an incident which he helped cause in Undaston resulted in 70 people’s deaths.

On December 12, 874 C.E., Himaestro met his arch-enemy, Orryn Ningel, to do battle. Although he had backup in the form of Kriven the Dragonborn, Himaestro was defeated and killed by Orryn.

On December 29, Himaestro was imprisoned for various crimes and annoying the king. In addition, he was given a magic-sealing earring which severed his ties with arcane magic.

Starting Jan. 5, 875 C.E., he served Mephistopheles and was given a replica of Mayor McCheese. He would manage to find a way out of his contract and was brought back to life. During his time in Hell, he learned where he could find a magic staff known as the Staff of the Magi. It was being kept in an ancient white dragon’s lair in the Polar North. Himaestro decided to go there with a Simulacrum clone of his along with Mayor McCheese, believing this would be enough to take it on. Unfortunately, the dragon killed he and his clone, with Mayor McCheese falling shortly after due to being unable to overcome the dragon’s ranged advantage.

The corpse of Himaestro, Ali Babin Babar, and the remnants of Mayor McCheese now adorn the dragon’s lair.


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