Ateb Tyrnol

A barbarian warlord and member of the New Light.


Race: Half-Orc
Age: 55
Sex: M
Height: 8’8"
Weight: 475 lbs.
Hair Color: Gray
Eye Color: Brown
Skin Color: Olive


Early LIfe

Born in the Great Wastes to the leader of a barbarian tribe, Ateb Tyrnol was the first son born to the war chief Feng. He began training at only three years old. By the time he was thirteen, he was able to defeat every other warrior in the clan. Only a few months later, his father would be killed in battle. Ateb was quick to take the reins of leading his clan.

Chief of Clan Tyrnol

Fortunately for Ateb, loyalty in his clan was absolute. Although Clan Tyrnol was one of the smallest in the Wastes, Ateb was one of the most brilliant commanders in the region. He implemented ambushes, night raids, and shock tactics. His ambushes focused on confusing the enemy by quickly eliminating captains and mounts. His shock tactics included leaving captured enemies tied to splintery wooden walls, held to the spikes by barbed wire. His fearsome reputation quickly spread. His ultimate goal was to unite the territories in the Great Wastes under a single banner, creating a united and powerful empire.

Many years later, despite increasing his clan’s size, the Great Wastes are far from united. At the age of 51, Ateb knows his time is beginning to run out. With the intent to finally create a single, united nation, he has turned to Saul Ritcher. Saul has promised that not only will the Great Wastes be united, but every kingdom in the world will soon march under a single flag.

Ateb died in 899 C.E. from natural causes. Though he never saw the Great Wastes united, his clan remained the strongest.

Ateb Tyrnol

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