Shepherd of Fire

This Session...

Ugh... damn it, Himaestro.

Because Himaestro was in Hell, and had the least amount of time given, we’ll start with him. He decided to meet his bandit friends to find a ruby. They were a bit short, so he decided to raid a treasury in Nirodan. Things went south when his stealth plan failed, and Mayor McCheese arrived to save the day. Nirodan’s capital city is no more, mind you. Himaestro then decided to head to Gahdom, but his actions enraged Mephistopheles, who knew that his actions would be traced back to the Archdevil. Mephistopheles grounded Himaestro for a week.

The main party set out to murder Erdan Piper. While in Attilus, they found what they initially thought was Seras Sang Rael. However, when they teleported to face her, they discovered it was actually an unconscious Rita, propped up via a (I found its proper name!) military fork. Oskar healed her and they quickly returned to Heliod. There, they found that Seras stole the Broken Crown of Io and the Tome of Righteous Indignation. This enraged Carth, so he made Rita teleport them to the Silver Mountain Cathedral, where they found both Seras and Saul Richter, the leader of the New Light. Further enraged, Carth forced Rita to teleport them to Attilus so they could victimize Erdan Piper.

When they arrived in Attilus, they had very little legal and political power to work with. Erdan used this to stall for time so he could prepare his special spellbook, the Arcanus Symphonia, to defend himself from his future captors. After the party worked out a possible deal with the guards and left the asylum which Erdan was visiting, Erdan played the intro to Ride the Lightning and destroyed most of the asylum. The party began to make chase, but Erdan summoned five effritti. Those five were killed in a difficult battle. This session left off with Erdan fleeing as the party prepared to give chase.

This session may have been worse than the last one.

Countdown to Extinction: 2,967


Rattlehead Rattlehead

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