Shepherd of Fire

THE STREAK... is over.

Actually, this is session 21, so I barely avoided the 21-1 and am still undefeated.

The session kicked off with the party getting their magic items together. Soon afterwards, they went off and rounded up the remaining New Light members. Ateb Tyrnol was defeated in a short duel, Patrin Norixius surrendered before he could be killed, and Baern Strahklin was assassinated with prejudice. After this, they decided to finish up as many problems as they could in Vesperia. They killed the Tarrasque while it was sleeping, only to revive it so it could kill off most of the New Light’s army. Soon after, they traveled to the top of the Silver Mountain and fought Saul Richter, who was accompanied by two solar-angel level beings. He was defeated after a somewhat difficult fight, killed by two mega attacks: Evender’s simulacrum form broke the Staff of the Magi and caused a giant explosion which hurt Saul. Immediately after, Aelar fired the most damaging attack in the game, shooting Saul with a quadruple damage shot.

The Archangel revealed that it was likely going to take him 60,000 years before he could begin his next indoctrination. Thus, began an epilogue.

Kriven became a dragonborn demigod who became Bahamut’s right hand man. His attempt at creating a dinosaur based leisure site ended in tragedy. His demigod form resides in Mount Celestia.

Oskar, Evender, and a newly resurrected Himaestro traveled the cosmos, defending it along with keeping peace in Gaia. Evender married the Queen of Avienne. In Heliod (and soon beyond) Oskar built a tavern, funding it mostly through his endless casks. Himaestro and Ali Babin Babar lived happily ever after. Thanks to his Axe of the Dwarven Lords, an extremely powerful artifact, Oskar became a legend amongst the dwarves.

Aelar married Sabrina Greyson and became Archduke of Vesperia. Though he outlived her by several hundred years, his children lived on, and he became a royal guard in service to Evender in Avienne.

Carth helped usher in a golden age into Vesperia’s history. His children were taught to be warriors, with half following his footsteps as an eldritch knight and the others taking after their mother, becoming clerics.

As for NPCs:

Estellise helped Carth usher in Vesperia’s golden age. The two’s rule was one beloved by the people of Vesperia. The scars of her past were eventually healed by time. She taught four of her eight children the duties of a cleric, a path those four took.

Seras Sang Rael was eventually defeated by one of Carth’s descendents, who managed to corner the vampiric assassin and defeat her in single combat.

Schwann Oltorain retired after another fifteen years in the spy game, fearing possible backlash from enemies made over the years. He continued overseeing the Flock as a thieves’ guild. His twin daughters took his place as Spymaster to the royal family.

Rita took on only a single apprentice: her lone son (the child’s father and Rita’s husband was Erdan Piper; I kid you not). She continued fine tuning her magic crafting skills, eventually able to make magic items which rivaled the power of artifacts. In the meantime, she taught at the Mage’s Circle in Heliod.

As mentioned above, Erdan Piper married Rita Mordio. He provided some of the music for his own wedding. Though she made him keep his rats outside the house, it was a happy life for them both. Their son, Roderick (often called Roddy) followed her mother’s footsteps as a sorcerer, though he also learned how to play music on the bagpipes.

Karol continued to fight alongside the Hunting Blades, eventually becoming their leader when he was thirty-three. When he was twenty-four, he married one of the female Hunting Blades members, whom he had known since he was twelve. In addition to his two sons, he adopted the child which the party found in Forbas when they were finding the source of the region’s famine, giving him two sons and a daughter in total.

Joan Feurouge regained her usage of her fire manipulation, though she no longer destroyed temples. Instead, she individually rooted out corrupt members of clergies and killed them in isolated areas, often burning them alive. She became somewhat of a legend, with tales of a burning woman roaming the countryside used to scare children into behaving, and recruits into falling in line.

Patrin continued his rebellion and managed to overthrow the empire of Doenfixius, despite having been gone for a few days. He ruled the newfound government with a firm grip. Justice was swift yet fair, and his power made it difficult for corruption to rise in the Federation of Doenfixius. Assassins who tried to kill him were defeated by his hand.

Ateb returned to the Great Wastes, though his goal to unite the barbarian tribes was never fulfilled before his death. The Great Wastes were never united, though Clan Tyrnol remained the strongest tribe in the land.

Excella continues to build a demonic army in the Abyss, though progress is slow due to the nature of the plane. Her goals are unknown, though seeking revenge upon Carth’s family is likely her main objective.

Kyle Greyson was released after the New Light dissolved. He lives out in his family’s old manor, content to not have to deal with the responsibilities of higher ranking nobles.

Tarhun Norixius remained jailed. Though Estellise had become a harsher ruler during the three year gap following the Cult of Cthulhu’s usurping, she decided to not have him executed. He died imprisoned, his name forgotten to many.

Percival Pringle used his favor with Mephistopheles to ensure that the royal family, along with his own, would never be harmed. Mephistopheles honored his old friend’s favor, sending out agents to deal with those who tried to attack Heliod with the intent to commit regicide. In the meantime, he continued styling and profiling, serving the royal family well into his old age. He also ensured that the Royal Palace in Heliod was the most secure building in all of Gaia. It was only broken into once after all of its new implements were added; that one intrusion was by Percival himself, who accidentally locked himself out after spending 78 straight hours at one of Oskar’s bottomless taverns.

Orryn Ningel’s titan was destroyed by Rita when she found it wandering the northern coast of Vesperia, still furious that it almost killed her.

The bandits who Himaestro helped organize continue to make monthly raids in Nirodan, and they continue to revere the martyr which freed them.


Rattlehead Rattlehead

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