Shepherd of Fire

The Cult of Cthulhu Makes a Serious Move

And boy howdy, it brought the party to their knees.

The session kicked off with Carth and Kriven catching Erdan Piper. He tried fleeing through the city, though he was caught despite his best efforts (he was prepared to teleport away, but then the party caught him). When they returned, they discovered that the Cult of Cthulhu had attempted to invade the castle; this prompted Carth to demand an Alarm spell be placed around the premises. Percival informed King Carth that there was a prisoner in one of the twenty-something dungeons. This cultist, a half-orc warned that the Cult was probably still in Cavalan, possibly Heliod. That was when the newly installed alarm system kicked in.

In the throne room were twenty Cultists of Cthulhu, thirteen Heliod Palace Guards, four Beholders, one Death Tyrant, Estellise, Percival, Rita, Carth, Aelar, and Kriven. The ensuing battle was very brief, and those defending the palace surrendered in under twenty seconds. The Cult had Estellise and Carth brought to the Far Realm, as the blood of Carth’s family was needed (Estellise wasn’t needed, though the Cult would need her and Carth’s children to make sure the ritual didn’t muck up). Aelar, Kriven, Percival, and Rita were imprisoned.

After several days, Aelar was freed after spilling the beans on Kyle Greyson’s location. Despite the fact that they framed him for being a serial killer and a cannibal, they gladly sent him away from Vesperia and to Avienne, where he became a national legend due to his prowess with a bow. Kriven was framed for the destruction of a part in Caetha, and he was to be extradited to face trial. On the way there, his ship was caught in a storm and attacked by suahagin, causing him to land on a deserted island. There, he found a tribe of kobolds and decided to help defend them from various monsters plaguing them. The kobolds seemingly worshiped him, though they were just using him for the most part.

Carth and Estellise managed to break out of their prison, though traversing the Far Realm is no easy task whatsoever. They had to constantly make saving throws or become violent towards one another (Carth, the fighter, shockingly passed every single save while Estelle, a cleric, failed all but once). When Estelle was affected by the plane’s madness-inducing influence, Carth beat the holy high Hell out of her to knock her out cold. Escape seemed pretty much hopeless until they learned of a few ways out they could take: find tuning forks so Estelle could plane shift them out, find a portal leading to the Material Plane, or continuously pray to St. Cuthbert (Estellise’s patron deity) in hopes he would send help. Rather than constantly beg for diving intervention, they decided to continue searching for portals. They came across the same tiefling wizard who kidnapped Carth’s sister, Sabrina, and found him riding atop a beholder (the only one remaining from the castle invasion). Carth decided to surrender, sparing Estellise’s life while sacrificing his freedom while the Cult searched for his brother. Estelle was sent back to the Material Plane by the tiefling.

Three years (yup) passed. Rita and Karol tracked down Kriven and explained that there was a problem. Percival Pringle styled, profiled, and walked the aisle to Aviene to tell Aelar that the band was getting back together. Estellise pummeled and blasted her way through the Far Realm to bring Carth back home. When back in Heliod, they explained the predicament:

Vesperia has been crippled by a triangular war: a shadow war is being fought against the Cult of Cthulhu while a disorganized jumbled mess of a war is being fought against the New Light; fortunately, the New Light and Cult of Cthulhu despise each other, so they’re fighting each other at the same time. At the same time, the Ring of Cosmic Bending was delivered to the Archangel by Ishkod Ogana, who is once again searching for artifacts. The party was restocked, re-armed, and re-armored with new magic items. Carth also got to see his children (now toddlers at this point) for the first time: his son, Gabriel, and daughter, Vivian. He also went to a graveyard and killed a rat and death dog, gaining enough XP to level up to level 16. The party is getting ready to assault the Cult of Cthulhu and wipe it from the face of Gaia for a third time in its illustrious history. Will they fail as miserably as the last time they fought members of the Cult? What will happen to Himaestro and Oskar? Where is Schwann Oltorain (okay, he preparing to revive Oskar, who has been in a three year long stupor, with a special concoction)? What happens if the Cult of Cthulhu summons their master before the New Light gathers all ten artifacts? Why am I asking you all these questions? Find out on what will likely be August 30, a week after next Sunday, which is hopefully when the next session occurs.

Countdown to Extinction: 1,900


Rattlehead Rattlehead

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