Shepherd of Fire

Session 13: The Return of the King

The party gets back on track, only to go so far off that it nearly implodes.

The session kicked off with Himaestro receiving the intel he requested on Gaia’s various nations. Carth, who had just gotten out of his coma, learned of this, along with their terrorist actions in Undaston, and stripped Himaestro and Aelar of their land and titles, killing off Himaestro’s plans for world wide war. Some dignitaries (a word I kept searching for in my head this session but couldn’t find) arrived to explain that they wished to extradite Aelar and Himaestro for their crimes. While they were in Avienne, Carth, Oskar, and Kriven made a deal with the diplomats: Himaestro would be extradited to Undaston, his gold transferred to the country for repair, and Aelar would be brought to Vesperia. Aelar was executed by a Sabu Chair Drop Through A Table (I don’t know if Sabu actually did this in ECW, but it wouldn’t surprise me; maybe in FMW) and promptly brought back to life, just to teach him a lesson.

Himaestro created a prison revolt in Nirodan, where he was being held at the time. He made a deal with its president to make his uprising’s leader somebody other than himself and then returned to Vesperia. After retrieving his magic box to Boxland, as he dubbed it, he decided to go find his other possessions, currently on a ship headed towards Undaston. Oh, and during the uprising, he cut off both ears to remove an Anti-Magic Field earring… only one. I suppose he misheard as having had two.

Anyway, back in sanity (for the moment), Carth decided to do more research on the Armlet of Divinity currently “gracing” Estellise’s arm. He, Aelar, and Kriven headed to Zaphias, as Tarhun was the man who found it in the first place. On the way there, they were attacked by yet more devils from Dispater’s realm. After outclassing the strongest, the remaining two made them an offer: they’d talk to Dispater about possibly ending this deal once and for all. An imp appeared two days later and proposed a War Games contest.

War Games (a real life wrestling match inspired by Mad Max) is a contest which places the competitors in two cages separated by a pool of lava. A coin toss is made between the two teams. After said coin toss, each team sends in one member to fight the other. After thirty seconds, the team which won the coin toss sends in a second man. Fifteen seconds later, the team which lost the coin toss sends in a second man of their own. Every fifteen seconds, the teams alternate between men they send in. Nobody can be killed in the War Games until all men are in the cages, at which point “Survive or Surrender” initiates; those knocked to 0 HP in a War Games before “Survive or Surrender” kicks in is restored to 30 HP. The first team to eliminate all of their opponents wins.

Only Kriven and Carth partook in the War Games for their team; Aelar sat out due to his newfound hatred of Kriven. Estellise, Rita, Karol, and Schwann watched from the sidelines. Carth and an Ice Devil kicked off the War Games, with Carth having the advantage at the start. Team Dispater, who won the coin toss, then sent in their second man: a Death Knight. The Death Knight brought Carth down a bit for HP. Kriven then joined and eliminated the Ice Devil as “Survive or Surrender” came into effect. The Death Knight used a powerful bomb-like spell to eliminate Carth from the contest. Down to Kriven and the Death Knight, the Death Knight dropped Kriven to 4 HP. Then Kriven killed him with one blow, causing him to explode in a shower of holy light. True to his word, Dispater swore to never pursue Estellise or Carth again (unless they asked) and rewarded Kriven with a shield and feat.

When they returned, Aelar threatened a weakened Carth and Kriven unless:

1) They ended a Geas spell put on him to keep him in line.

2) He was given back his land and title.

3) He was introduced to Carth’s sister.

The first two occurred and the session ended as the party set out to… introduce Aelar to Sabrina Greyson.

Countdown to Extinction: 2,980


Rattlehead Rattlehead

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