Shepherd of Fire

Oh look! A session where everything didn't go to Hell!

Alternative title: Carth's favorite session.

The session sort of kicked off with the introduction of a new character: Evender Galodel, a half-elven bard. He left the plane of Bytopia and returned to Aviene, where he decided to help out a bit. During his time there, he met Estellise and Percival, and the trio helped rid the city of mummies in its sewers. Evender offered to help Percival and Estelle with the problems in Vesperia, helping bridge the three years between his return from Bytopia to the present day.

The true session kicked off with the party heading to Diliatin to wipe out the Cult of Cthulhu once and for all (or, at least, until it comes back again). They arrived on the island and quickly found the temple with the help of some pixies which Evender summoned. When they found the temple, Carth killed one of its guards immediately and forced the other two to surrender. Inside, they fought 36 cultist, their tiefling leader, and a beholder. This fight didn’t last long; the cult lost.

Carth’s brother was revived via the Raise Dead spell after they left. Within the temple were the Necronomicon, one of the keys to Carth’s family vault, and some gold. All cultists were arrested and executed.

With the cult now gone, focus returned to fighting the New Light and restoring Vesperia. The party eliminated the famine plague in Forbas and took out one of the dragons in Qualen. Afterwards, they traveled to Megadon, where they killed the revived Orryn Ningel (who unleashed a Mecha Titan onto the world) and assassinated Ishkod Ogana in an inn. While they were there, they received a message from Seras: she was holding several people in the palace hostage (Rita, Estelle, Percival, anyone else she could have gotten her hands on) as part of a “last resort” type of plan concocted by Orryn.

The party went back when “Rita” brought them there; in truth, it was one of Seras’ vampire mates using scrolls and an Alter Self spell. Seras was prepared to kill the hostages when Saul, Patrin, Osborn, and Baern arrived. Saul explained that what Seras was doing went against what the New Light stood for: the goal towards a purified world which would be free of suffering. Her usage of hostage taking and psychological torture went against their beliefs. He ordered her back to the cathedral upon the Silver Mountain, and Seras and the rest left without further incident.

After they left, the party headed south to Benorthan, where they would deal with Osborn Greenbottle, the youngest New Light member (currently 20 years old) and their resident spy and thief. He is believed to be in the capital city of Benorthan, as are the four men who betrayed Joan many years ago; she requested that the party deal with them. Before the party entered, they realized that their best liar (Evender, whose player left earlier) was absent, so the session ended with them preparing to enter the capital.


Rattlehead Rattlehead

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