Shepherd of Fire

Just when they think they've got the answers, I change the questions!

The party takes one step forward and one thousand steps back.

This session began very slowly, though HImaestro’s reaction to discovering that there really was a kracken in Northern Vesperia’s waters was rather funny. Some useless stuff occurred afterward. They tried clearing a dragon’s den in Qualen, Kriven’s region, but they spooked it and the dragon flew off to retrieve its parents (or elder siblings, you don’t know). After some meaningless banter, they decided to go after Joan Feurouge, a New Light lieutenant who specialized in manipulating flames. How much so was a mystery. Was.

The party made their way to Titan’s Guard, the mountain range separating Benorthan and Salos. They teleported while a member of the Hunting Blades guided them as far as he could. Enduring blizzards, the party eventually came across Joan Feurouge and four horsemen from the New Light. She explained her actions and reason for joining. After it was clear that she wouldn’t budge on her position and Carth wouldn’t let her walk off so easily, a battle engaged. While the horsemen were dealt with rather quickly, Joan proved a more difficult opponent. When she was seemingly defeated, she transformed into a much more powerful version of herself. Funnily enough, this version of her lasted a shorter amount of time than her normal self, as a 100-points-of-damage attack from Kriven made her surrender.

After Joan surrendered, she was brought to Heliod. The party had retrieved the Broken Crown of Io; Rita tossed the pieces into an extra-dimensional space. When they returned, they learned that an assassin, likely Seras Sang Rael, had infiltrated the castle, cut off Estellise’s arm (which held the Armlet of Divinity), and turned her into a vampire. Himaestro attempted to become a vampire by rubbing his finger on Estellise’s teeth, though Carth stopped him and had his powers stripped while he was jailed. The session ended with a now conscious, now vampiric Estellise, a party set on taking out Seras, and a Himaestro locked one hundred feet below Gaia’s surface.

I can’t see this going wrong next session whatsoever.

Countdown to Extinction: 2,977


Rattlehead Rattlehead

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