Shepherd of Fire

I'd say things are going downhill, but it's more of a sheer mesa at this point.

Lads, this somehow got even worse than last session.

In this ten hour session, the following occurred:

It kicked off with some more banter which ended up being useless in the end. This is despite the party’s attempts to reach the country of Gahdom (or, at least, the King’s attempts). After finally getting to the black island wastes, and on target for once, they found the lair of Seras Sang Rael, who had both the Armlet of Divinity (which was still stuck to Estellise’s arm) and the Sword of Revealing Light. Carth wanted to kill her to remove Estellise’s vampirism, but she told him of an alternate way. It involved sending souls to Wee Jas’ realm (five souls) or Nerull’s realm (one soul). No longer wanted anything to do with souls, Carth decided to kill Seras instead. Her motives for joining were to rid the world of body-and-soul inflicting curses and diseases such as vampirism and lycanthropy.

Despite his seemingly unwavering position, Carth had second thoughts on the souls matter. Seras, rather on edge about the party, decided to give them the slip when they came back to Gahdom to collect her two artifacts. She was teleported to the Silver Mountain Temple, where violence is pretty much impossible. Archangel was given the Sword and Armlet (sans arm), bringing him two steps closer to freedom and unbridled destruction. Carth began ranting and raving, calling Seras a coward and a bitch for not fighting either he, Kriven, or Aelar one-on-one, despite the fact she would lose such a fight. In the end, he caved in and used the 5-Souls-For-Cure trick on Estellise. She was cured of the vampirism and thanked Carth (again) for saving her (again).

Some time before or after Estelle was cured of her disease, Himaestro died… again. How, may you ask? Well, because of his lifeline with Ali Babin Babar, when one died, the other went as well. Schwann had an assassin put down Ali when Himaestro began getting a bit too jittery, a bad sign for all involved. So, Himaestro was killed, tumbled down the stairs, and ended up in the Eighth Layer of Hell, ruled by Mephistopheles. The Lord of the Eighth offered Himaestro a chance to be his agent. He agreed, so long as he received a special tool to help: a reconstruction of Mayor McCheese. Mephistopheles granted his wish; Orryn Ningel was in charge of its enchantments.

New Years came around and everybody celebrated. Carth introduced Aelar to his sister, Sabrina, and began collecting information on Ishkod Ogana, Patrin Norixius, and Erdan Piper. He tried to get permission to enter Benorthan but was rudely rejected. Schwann is currently looking to put Benorthan at bay. The session ended as Carth received information on Erdan Piper, the most insane member of the New Light.

Not gonna lie, between the player-versus-player fight between Oskar and Himaestro (which was so boring that I changed the tense battle music to the comedic relief and relaxing songs from Fate/stay night), Himaestro bringing the party close to the brink of destruction a few times, the return of Mayor McCheese, and the fact that I will now have to leap back and forth between he and the party, this is my least favorite session of the campaign. At least I have three countdowns to life-changing (and sometimes, ending) moments to look forward to.

Countdown to Extinction: 2,970


Rattlehead Rattlehead

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