Shepherd of Fire

Himaestro's Final Stand

With his impending swan song, Himaestro decides to take his friends with him.

It’s 1:04 A.M., I still have 30+ minutes of Summerslam to finish (which I am watching while typing), and McDonalds was closed so I didn’t get my chocolate milkshake. However, that third thing is not the tragedy of today’s tale.

This session was done strictly to bring HImaestro back to the main party’s level. Unfortunately, that would not be the case.

It began with Himaestro deciding to make friends in Hell. Realizing that it would take him a very long time to get even a shred of respect, he decided to look for ice at the same time, as he wanted to cast Simulacrum to make a slightly weaker yet still powerful clone. He got his components while getting caught up in some Hellish politics.

While he was working with Fierna, Orryn Ningel informed Himaestro that he found a loophole in the two’s contracts to Mephistopheles. They were both promised something in exchange for their services. Himaestro was promised Mayor McCheese, Orryn was promised the first thing he created in his workshop. That first thing was Mayor McCheese, so he figured that Mephistopheles had a breach in contract. In the end, the two were released from their contracts along with receiving severance packages. Both were brought back to life. Also, Himaestro had used the Deck of Many Things and used up his “Fates” card and a card which gave him three wishes. One wish remained by the time he left Hell.

Himaestro used one wish to learn where the Staff of the Magi was located. He discovered that it was located in an ancient white dragon’s lair in the Polar North. This was a clear warning. It was ignored.

Himaestro, his clone, Mayor McCheese, and Ali Babin Babar tried sneaking into the lair. They activated an alarm which alerted the dragon. Said dragon took out Himaestro and the clone of him, killing them with its ice breath. Mayor McCheese eventually lost as well, as he could’t match the dragon’s range advantage.

This is likely the last session to feature Himaestro, as his player decided to make a new character. It makes sense; Himaestro doesn’t really have anything to return to in the Material Plane or other realms of existence. Honestly, I don’t like killing characters. Anything I do that makes me seem jovial to kill players is for comedy. Characters dying sucks, and changing them when so late into a a campaign is never fun. Himaestro’s player will not be available this Sunday, so the party will likely consist only of Carth, Aelar, Kriven, and Oskar.


Rattlehead Rattlehead

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