Shepherd of Fire

An almost perfect session.

And then Carth mucked it up at the end.

The session kicked off with the party getting into Riverpool, the capital city of Benorthan, largely due in part to the bardic spells and skills of Evender. Both guards at the gates allowed Oskar, Kriven, Evender, and Carth inside (using the names Bill Nye, Robert Mayseal, Ted Bundy, and Jim Balaya respectively). They found Osborn quite fast after Evender sent out his pixie platoon to search him out. It turned out that a local duke wanted Osborn captured and had hired several mercenaries to bring him in. Carth murdered one of the mercenaries in cold blood after they tried bringing the thief to justice. Afterwards, they teleported back to Heliod. While in Riverpool, they also captured the paladins who betrayed Joan and her mother many years ago. Once captured and sent back to the Order of the Silver Hammer, the four men were burned at the stake.

Back in Heliod, troubles continued for the group. After returning from the swamp in Qualen (where they were fine-tuning their combat skills) they found that everybody in the castle had vanished. They looked for clues and possibilities as to where they had gone. Eventually, they tried investigating Marquise Excella of Barbon, who was a noblewoman in-line for the throne until the party chose Estellise. Everden checked out once they found Excella’s secret dungeon. By this point, Aelar joined the group. Excella was found about to sacrifice Estelle, though the party let her go in exchange for the lives of the remaining servants and NPCs (60 guards had already been killed; their blood was used to summon a balor). She is currently somewhere in the Abyss, most likely.

Before the Excella incident, the party killed the two ancient green dragons hounding the region of Qualen. Rita was dominated by one of her agents at this time, though the Dispel Magic spell ruined my fun freed her from domination.

After the Excella incident, the party (now Aelar, Kriven, and Carth) decided to further sharpen their combat prowess. They killed a lich and its two iron golems, found its phylactery, and killed an ancient gold dragon dracolich along with three iron golems. This made them much more powerful than they were before. Carth and Kriven began bickering over magic items, and this is where Carth made a small slip-up: as he and Kriven were arguing over a pair of Sending Stones, Rita was on a third line, waiting to see what they wanted to do with the magic item queue. She was going to say something, but Carth said, “Just get back to finishing the magic items” before she could utter a word. This made her rather angry, partly due to how the sentence was worded, partly due to how it was said, and she is currently not making magic items. Both Carth and Kriven tried apologizing. How, may you ask? Why, they decided to write a letter and offer her money. Though they rolled a damn high persuasion check, Rita wasn’t moved by the fact that they didn’t personally apologize despite being in the same building as her.

In the meantime, Carth and Kriven began buffing up Vesperia’s national army, made large temples to various deities, recruited people to serve as holy warriors and war priests, and upgraded several cities. The funding came from the dragon hordes which they raided during the session. Currently, the problems remaining are taking out the remaining New Light members, possibly killing Excella, and seeing whether or not Carth can possibly concoct a decent enough apology that doesn’t get him buried further in the hole he is digging.


Rattlehead Rattlehead

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