Shepherd of Fire

A paradox is created within the space-time continuum.

And I run the most confusing session yet.

Things kicked off with Himaestro waking up in Arcadia, a land where everything is geometrically perfect. There are ruler-straight rivers, perfectly lined orchards, and visually pleasingly shaped buildings. It was essentially a nature-version of Clockwork Mechanus. He and Ali Babin Babar decided to talk with some other dead souls.

Oskar decided to get sent to the labyrinth plane to help get Aelar out of there. The two met an extremely powerful sorcerer who needed help getting into a dragon-proof barrier to retrieve his elder brother’s lost treasure. The sorcerer stood back and watched while Oskar and Aelar fought a small variety of enemies: a mind flayer, four minotaurs, and an aboleth. They also encountered a sleeping storm giant but didn’t bother trying to fight him. Afterwards, they met a halfling who was in the dungeon who asked if they wanted to “play cards” with his “special deck”. It was revealed that the deck was the Deck of Many Things, a very powerful magic item which can give one the world or ruin one’s life. Aelar decided against it but Oskar decided to draw one. He received a boost to his Wisdom thanks to the card he drew.

Meanwhile, Kriven found his way to Sigil, the lone city along the Infinite Road. He met the same wandering halfling and drew a card.

He drew the damn Fates card.

The Fates card allows one to “avoid or erase” a past event. Due to the ambiguity of the card, we decided the following: erasing an event will make it so a certain moment in time will not have happened but the timeline continues as normal with minor changes; avoiding an event will make it so a certain moment in time will be altered and the timeline will be accordingly changed completely. Kriven decided to avoid finding the magic lamp, causing the timeline to alter. Time shifted back to when the party encountered Orryn, though this time they had Oskar and Aelar at their side. Orryn was defeated when they used a magic topaz to blast his protective dome from the inside out (5d10 Lightning Damage + 5d8 Thunder Damage). He was only crippled from the neck down, so Himaestro brought him to his plane-in-a-box and threw him off the highest tower he had, earning the “Stargazer” achievement.

After this, Himaestro began plotting to create political discord amongst other countries. In the meantime, they attempted to assassinate Baern Strahklin, the King Beneath the Lake, Sovereign of Undaston, and New Light Lieutenant. They tried twice: once with an explosive book, the other with Cadalbolg, an explosive lance that was modified to be shot from a bow. They failed twice. The man with the explosive book was caught and Cadalbolg struck a Wall of Force guarding the king; the resulting blast killed 70 innocent civilians. We last left the party two hundred feet in the air as guards rushed to their position.


Rattlehead Rattlehead

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