An ancient being which has rest dormant begins to stir once more. Eons have passed since he was freed from his prison, a plane designed to contain his near-infinite power. He was a weapon of the Gods. Long have many tried to free him from his chamber, a cult of worshipers who call themselves The New Light. Many iterations of this group have existed, dating back to the Forgotten Era. They stand at their peak, over forty-thousand members, a legion willing to battle kings to spread their word and free their master. Led by Saul Richter, the prophet called the Shepherd of Fire, they seek the Ten Pillars, artifacts which must be used to free their lord from his captivity. Below Saul, he commands a gallery brigade of lieutenants, each with their own reason for joining the New Light. Ultimately, they seek to free the Archangel, the last of its kind, so he may destroy the Material Plane in a sea of flames, cleansing it of its corruption so it may be made anew. Yet they are willing to sacrifice the many good and innocent of the world. In addition, their master seeks the deaths of the Gods, the ones who created and imprisoned him.

Shepherd of Fire begins in Vesperia as a legion of New Light cultists, armed and armored as a proper army, lands on the coast of Labas. From there, the party must break a siege created by the army to save the city and protect the king. Afterwards, they must discover the New Light’s goals, motives, and purpose of existence. Their travels will take them out of Vesperia and around the world. From the desert nation of Adaijah to the frozen tundra of the Polar North, they must prevent Saul’s lieutenants from gathering the Ten Pillars, artifacts which can unleash the one they serve. Along the way, they meet potential allies with troubles of their own, and enemies who seek to hinder both the party and the New Light. Who they choose to be friends with and who to battle in combat is up to their discretion.

Information on the world, its past, nations, various factions, and more can be found here.

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Shepherd of Fire

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